All Safety Barriers Are Not Created Equal

Safety banners minimize accidents by restricting access to hazardous areas, which, in turn, ensures the safety of your employees and ongoing profitability of your business. However, all safety banners are not created equal. Did you know that Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) recommends using specific colors for different risks? At ZonePro®, we offer standard safety products as well as fully customizable options depending on your needs and industry. 

With fixed, mobile and wide-aisle products, ZonePro® offers safety solutions for every business. Our standard safety units are available in blue or orange mesh with clearly displayed, dual-sided safety messaging in English and Spanish. This bold, pliable material is unmissable in any warehouse or industrial setting. Importantly, units can be mounted or placed exactly where they are needed or wheeled into place to protect against temporary hazards.

If your needs are more specific, let us help you with a custom retractable banner. This could involve selecting a particular color according to OSHA guidelines. For example, red is used to signify danger or fire protection equipment, while orange is aligned with dangerous machinery. Meanwhile, yellow warns of physical hazards and purple denotes radiation hazards. Alternatively, you might want to employ your own color scheme and messaging.

So far, our customers have opted for wording such as “High Pressure Test In Progress,” “Do Not Enter,” “Danger,” “Authorized Employees Only,” and “Keep Exits Clear.” With a skilled graphic designer on staff, we can assist you with designing the most appropriate messaging for your business. Alternatively, you can upload your own design, logo or branding via our website and order a fully customized banner completely online.

With the right kind of safety barrier, most accidents can be prevented. Contact us today to see how the ZonePro® can help you make your workplace or business safer.