Employee Safety has a New Trusted Partner - The ZonePro

Workplace safety is key in the industrial retail industry — not only for the health and well-being of employees, but also for the overall profitability of the organization.

Restocking aisles can be risky when heavy equipment is involved. And while antiquated aisle blocking solutions like accordion gates or makeshift warning signs may be inexpensive, their shortcomings can result in consequences and ramifications that are extremely costly for everyone involved.

As a general rule, the potential risks and costs involved with workplace accidents are far greater than the rewards of a well-planned employee safety strategy. With some planning, and a small investment in the right equipment, the majority of accidents can be easily prevented.

It is for that very reason that ZonePro®'s safety and foot traffic management solutions were created. With a full line of fixed, portable, mobile, and wide aisle products, ZonePro® Barriers expand and retract instantly.

For instance, the dual-canister ZonePro® Rolling Stanchion Safety Barrier, with a wingspan extending up to 28 feet, can be rolled to any location in the store — blocking openings and very wide aisles without delay. 

Another option is the single canister model. the ZonePro® Fixed Unit Safety Barrier, attaches to any standard rack system, effortlessly blocking customer traffic. The Portable Unit Safety Barrier, the hand-carried portable unit, mounts to racking quickly with all of the same functionality.

All ZonePro® safety units are available in bold blue or striking orange, and clearly display dual-sided, area closure safety messaging in both English and Spanish. Units are mounted or placed exactly where they need to be, eliminating wasted time and effort spent searching for a solution. Every unit deploys in under 5 seconds and retracts just as fast.

Contact us today to see how the ZonePro® can help you make your retail environment safer and more efficient.