From RV Screens To Wedding Banners, Unexpected Uses Of ZonePro™ Units

Image via Ashby Hawse

While our fully customizable barriers were originally designed to block aisles in warehouses, display branding for businesses and direct foot traffic at events, ZonePro® customers, however, have unlocked a multitude of other uses. It’s a testament to the versatility of our product and the boundless imagination of pet owners across America that our units are continually being used in new and wonderful ways.

The most common alternate use for the ZonePro® is as a lightweight yet sturdy doggy gate or enclosure. How does that work? Well, our barriers are perfect for blocking off rooms, patios or even a corner of the garden for your four-legged friend. Fully retractable and stylish, our solid white banner has become a favorite of pet parents looking to keep dirty paws away from carpets, rugs and other furnishings.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So far, customers have used their units to turn a garage into a puppy playpen and cordon off the front of an RV to prevent overactive car guests from bothering the driver. The key is our ability to adapt to any size. The rolling stanchion, for example, houses two ZonePro® barriers with a combined wingspan of 24 feet. If that’s too large, try one of our single units, which come in three different sizes (8, 10 and 12 feet).

When it comes to ingenuity, pet owners are hard to beat — although another demographic is giving them a run for their money: event planners. Given that graphics can be printed on both sides, customized banners have been used to display meaningful messages at weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. Instead of paying for disposable decorations, a ZonePro® unit is a cost-effective keepsake that can be used over and over again. You simply swap out the messaging the next time you need it.

This process is as easy as taking a snap on your smartphone and uploading the file to our website. If you need additional assistance, or want to incorporate a more complicated pattern, our staff designer is only too happy to lend a hand. Before your next event or party, contact us to find out how a ZonePro® can make it unforgettable.