Get in the Holiday Spirit with ZonePro®

Customers introduce us to new uses for the ZonePro® every day. From warehouse-friendly safety barriers to chic, home-elevating dog gates, there is no limit to the unit’s versatility. One of the most exciting trends to emerge in 2021 is using ZonePro® products as centerpieces at special events. This has now extended into the holiday season with banners being customized for decorative retail spaces, Christmas parties, and NYE gatherings.

Looking for an Instagram-worthy backdrop for a Christmas get-together? Or perhaps holiday-centric sales messaging for your business? ZonePro® has you covered with our fully customizable banners. You can personalize the high-quality canvas material with seasonal imagery, include company branding and special deals, and even share photos. Units can also display QR codes that link websites, discount codes, and even menus.

Not only is the banner endlessly versatile, so is the configuration. The secret lies in the patented design of the ZonePro®. We recognize that all customer needs are different, and this is reflected in our wide range of sizes. The rolling stanchion, for example, houses two ZonePro® barriers with a combined wingspan of 24 feet. If that’s too large, our single units come in three different lengths (8, 10 and 12 feet) — all of which are light, portable and retractable.

If the prospect of designing your own banner is daunting, we can help there too. Our staff designers are only too happy to lend a hand, while more straightforward designs, including photos and logos, can simply be uploaded to our website. Once printed, these banners can be reused indefinitely. This means that you can use the same unit for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter if you wish or advertise different sales all year round. 

Swapping out a banner is a simple process that can be accomplished in minutes. We have step-by-step videos on our website and customer service representatives ready to help you over the phone. On the other hand, if you prefer to store your unit, it retracts into a stylish, storage-friendly canister. Make the holiday season even more festive by contacting us today.