How To Improve Front Of Store Security & Flow With ZonePro®

With retailers increasingly moving towards self-checkouts and reduced staffing, targeted front-of-store management is more important than ever. Assigning staff or security guards to supervise entrances and exits is expensive and defeats the purpose of streamlining the payment process. An easy, cost-effective solution is using ZonePro® safety barriers, which are custom engineered to restrict access and manage foot traffic. 

These can be used in a number of ways. When deployed correctly, Safety banners effortlessly funnel customers into small, supervised spaces such as self-checkouts. They can also be set up to block unmanned registers or aisles, reducing the risk of shoplifters exiting the premises via an alternate route. At ZonePro®, we have fixed, mobile, and wide-aisle products suited for every front of store layout or scenario.

The dual canister Rolling Stanchion Safety Barrier has a wingspan of up to 28 feet and can be quickly rolled to any location. Alternatively, the Single Unit Rolling Stanchion, which provides up to 14-feet of coverage, is perfect for smaller spaces. ZonePro® also offers a permanent Fixed Unit, which can be attached to any standard racking system or wall, and a Portable Unit Safety Barrier with the same functionality that can be deployed when needed. These can be used to replace outdated retractable belt barriers. 

Our standard units are available in blue or orange mesh with clearly displayed, dual-sided safety messaging in English and Spanish that says, “Area Temporarily Closed.” These pliable, highly visible banners are housed in sleek aluminum canisters with a compact 4-inch diameter, which are both aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive when not deployed. If you have more specific needs, we also offer fully customized units.

For example, we have just added a unit with new hooking system to our range that reduces the small gap between the banner and attachment surface. We also sell fully customized banners that allow you to share QR codes or messaging such as “Show Receipt Here” or “Security Cameras In Use.” Alternatively, you could display branding or promotions. Customized banners are easily replaced, giving the product an attractive ROI.

With the right equipment, front-of-store management has never been easier. Contact us today to see how ZonePro® can help your business.