How To Improve The Kiosk Experience For Hotel Guests

Self-service kiosks are one of the hottest trends in the hotel industry. Not only do they expedite tasks like check-ins and checkouts, but the technology also allows guests to make room service requests, set reminders and avoid long lines at the front desk. After a long flight or drive, most people simply want to get to their room as quickly as possible. Similarly, many guests are in a rush to catch a flight when it’s time to leave.

Needless to say, kiosks are catching on fast. The Travel Leaders Group recently conducted a survey of 2,654 travelers and learned that 78 percent were in favor of self-service. Happily, it’s a win/win situation. Guests get speedier service, while hoteliers benefit from being able to upsell during kiosk check. You can also collect information about guests including their email address and preferences that can later be used in targeted email campaigns.

It’s important to note that hotel staff will remain key to your business. Every guest is different. Some prefer the relative anonymity that a kiosk provides, while others want that personal touch. Staff will also need to address specialized requests and assist guests who might not be technologically savvy. That leads us to one of the drawbacks of kiosks. Somewhat counterintuitively, there can be a bottleneck while guests wait to use the touchscreen.

Given that many customers opt for kiosks to speed things up and avoid close contact with others, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, lines need to be expertly managed. This is where the ZonePro® Rolling Stanchion comes in. Fixed or fully mobile, our barriers can be set up in minutes. They clearly designate where guests need to lineup and can assist with social distancing protocols. Furthermore, our banners can customized to include messaging, branding or QR codes.

Our products can also beautify kiosk areas, which can often be something of an eyesore. A professionally printed banner improves the look of your lobby and shows your clientele that you are fully invested in delivering exceptional customer service. When managed correctly, a self-serve kiosk can take the pressure off staff and let guests start their vacation a little earlier. Click through our range products here.