How To Minimize Loading Dock Accidents With Safety Barriers

Improving safety is paramount for all businesses. It’s doubly important, however, for industries that require heavy machinery, hazardous materials, and loading docks. The latter demands special attention. According to one study, up to 25% of workplace accidents occur on loading docks due to their elevation and the use of dangerous equipment such as forklifts. A simple, cost-effective way to alert employees to this danger is by deploying safety banners.   

Given their height off the ground and the potential for oil spills from heavy machinery, loading docks are hotspots for falls and collisions. A ZonePro® safety barrier reduces this risk by cautioning workers about potential hazards. In comparison to metal railings, clunky scissor gates, and retractable belt barriers, our user-friendly units are comprised of a highly visible mesh barrier that effortlessly retracts into a lightweight aluminum canister when access is needed.

With fixedmobile and wide-aisle products, ZonePro® has a suitable product for every warehouse. Our single unit Rolling Stanchion extends up to 14 feet, while our dual unit has a wingspan of up to 28 feet. Both can be quickly rolled to any location. Another option is the fixed unit, which attaches to any standard racking or wall. There’s also a Portable unit with the same functionality that can be easily stored when not in use.

ZonePro® units are available in blue or orange mesh with clearly displayed dual-sided safety messaging in English and Spanish. However, if your needs are more specific, we also offer fully customizable coloring and messaging. So far, customers have opted for wording such as “Caution Do Not Enter,” “Forklift In Use,” and “Authorized Personnel Only.” With a skilled graphic designer on staff, we can assist you with customization.

ZonePro® safety barriers make warehouses safer. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.