Loss Prevention Made Easy With ZonePro®

In the age of self-checkouts and closed registers, every retail business needs to invest in loss prevention. While most customers dutifully pay for their goods, others manipulate or abuse the system. Reducing this risk usually involves assigning a staff member, or security guard, to supervise unattended areas, but even that can be ineffective if it’s busy. An inexpensive solution is the implementation of loss prevention gates or barriers. 

These work in a number of ways. Firstly, safety banners can be deployed to cordon off the area, requiring customers to exit through a small, supervised space. They can also be used to block unmanned registers or aisles, eliminating the risk of shoplifters leaving the premises via an alternate route. At ZonePro®, we have fixed, mobile and wide-aisle products suited for every loss prevention management scenario — think of them as an upgrade to the traditional retractable belt barriers. 

Available in blue or orange mesh with clearly displayed, dual-sided safety messaging in English and Spanish that says, “Area Temporarily Closed,” ZonePro® safety units are popular loss prevention tools. The bold, pliable material is unmissable in any store or industrial setting. Moreover, ZonePro® banners are housed in sleek aluminum canisters with a compact 4-inch diameter that can unobtrusively open and close when needed.

We also offer fully customized banners that allow you to share messaging with customers — perhaps “Show Receipt Here” or “Security Cameras In Use” — or simply display branding. QR codes can even be included. Customized banners are easily replaced when communications need to be changed, giving the product an attractive ROI.

Safety units come in two different forms. The dual canister Rolling Stanchion Safety Barrier has a wingspan of up to 28 feet and can be quickly rolled to any location. Another option is the Single Unit Rolling Stanchion. At 14-feet, it is perfect for smaller spaces. Additionally, ZonePro® offers a Fixed Unit, which attaches to any standard rack system or wall in case a permanent option is desired, and a Portable Unit Safety Barrier with the same functionality that sits on a rack when needed and is easily stored when not.

With some planning, and a small investment in the right equipment, losses can easily be prevented. Contact us today to see how ZonePro® can help your business.