Make Your Occasion Extra Special With A ZonePro®

From safety barriers and dog gates to branded foot traffic management tools, there is seemingly no limit to the way ZonePro® units are being used by customers. The latest application to catch our attention is as a centerpiece at special events and gatherings. Weddings are particularly popular. We have seen our products used to express congratulations, accentuate banquet tables and even display seating arrangements.

How does this work? The secret lies in the innate flexibility of the ZonePro®. For starters, we have options in all different sizes. The rolling stanchion, for example, houses two ZonePro® barriers with a combined wingspan of 24 feet. If that’s too large, our single units come in three different lengths (8, 10 and 12 feet). Not only is there a unit for every space, but they are lightweight, portable and stylishly designed. Moreover, they are fully customizable.

This is where the fun starts. Banner design is only limited by your imagination. You can emblazon the high-quality canvas material with the bride and groom’s names, include intertwined ring graphics — always a favorite — and even share photos of the happy couple. Units have also been used to display seating charts, provide QR codes to menus or cordon off space for a dance floor.

And don’t be overwhelmed by the design process. If you want photos displayed on your banner all you need to do is upload a file to our website. For more complicated designs, our staff designers are only too happy to lend a hand. There’s another benefit of opting for a ZonePro®. Instead of wasting money on disposable decorations, our units are a cost-effective keepsake that can be reused indefinitely. You simply swap out the messaging the next time you need it.

This means that you can use the same unit to embellish a wedding as well as anniversary, birthday, and graduation parties. Swapping out a banner is a simple process that can be accomplished in minutes. We have step by step videos on our website and customer service representatives ready to help you over the phone. Add a truly personal touch to your next special occasion by contacting us today.