How ZonePro® Barriers Make Warehouses Safer

Safety barriers make warehouse management easy. Not only do they minimize accidents and keep employees safe by restricting access to hazardous areas, but they also improve the flow of foot traffic in busy areas. The ZonePro® unit adds another benefit to the equation by incorporating fully customizable messaging in addition to our standard orange and blue mesh banners emblazoned with “Area Temporary Closed” in English and Spanish. 

While these units are perfectly suited to general warehouse use, specificity is often called for when it comes to safety. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) recommends using red, for example, to signify danger, while orange is aligned with dangerous machinery. At ZonePro®, we can customize the color of your banner and its messaging. Popular choices include “Caution Do Not Enter,” “Authorized Employees Only,” and “Danger Forklift Traffic.”

In addition to our line of custom retractable banners, we also offer a full range of products that cater to different warehouse layouts and needs. The ZonePro® rolling stanchion can be easily set up wherever needed without the need for brackets or racking. Our single unit offers up to 14 feet of coverage, while our dual unit is perfect for wide aisles with a wingspan of up to 28 feet. Alternately, our fixed units are ideal for permanent or semi-permanent solutions. These are a suitable replacement for stand banners and retractable belt barriers. 

Fully retractable and housed in a sturdy 4” aluminum canister, ZonePro® fixed safety barriers can be attached to any standard racking system. This product, which also offers up to 14 feet of coverage, boasts break-away bracket protection in case of collision and can simply be left in place when not in use. As with all of our units, the highly visible, waterproof banner can be easily swapped and replaced when needed.

ZonePro® safety barriers prevent accidents and improve warehouse productivity. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.