Managing The Retail Rush With ZonePro® Barriers

With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas not too far behind, it’s about to get extremely busy for retailers. One of the easiest ways of managing foot traffic and communicate with customers is via a ZonePro® safety barrier. Whether you’re looking for an effective loss prevention tool or simply an eye-catching way to share holiday greetings, we have a unit for every business need. 

As retailers embrace self-checkout technology, the popularity of loss prevention techniques, such as safety banners to block aisles and exits, has increased. While our standard units, which are available in highly visible orange and blue mesh, are suited for this purpose, many clients prefer to customize banners. You can personalize the durable canvas with seasonal imagery, company branding, sales information, and even QR codes — making them a better option than traditional advertising banners and retractable belt barriers. 

In addition to front of store use, safety barriers can be employed to control lines at help desks and checkouts, cordon off shopping carts, and define spaces. Once you have determined your need, the ZonePro® can be customized accordingly. For example, you could share information about a store loyalty program, list opening hours over the holidays, direct customers to special deals, or simply beautify your premises with an eye-catching design.

Not only are ZonePro® barriers visually appealing, but they are also incredibly easy to use. Our Rolling Stanchion was custom designed to be deployed with minimal physical exertion thanks to sturdy wheels and an aerodynamic handle. Depending on your space, rolling units are available in Single Unit and Dual Unit options. The Single Unit offers up to 12 feet of coverage, while the Dual Unit has a wingspan of up to 24 feet.

If the prospect of designing a banner is daunting, our staff designers are only too happy to lend a hand. For more straightforward designs, including photos and logos, you can simply upload graphics to our website. Once the holidays have passed, the banner can simply be stored until next year and replaced with a more utilitarian design. That way, you can enjoy the advantages of the ZonePro® all year round.