Peerless Mobility With The ZonePro® Rolling Stanchion

Moving barriers around a business, warehouse or factory can be time consuming and labor intensive. The ZonePro® Rolling Stanchion was specifically designed to overcome this issue. The lightweight unit can simply be wheeled to where it is needed and deployed instantly with minimal physical exertion. 

The key to the ZonePro® Rolling Stanchion’s mobility is its ergonomic design. Each unit boasts sturdy wheels and an aerodynamic handle, which means that the barrier can be easily moved around from location to location. This reduces the possibility of employee injury as well as making your workplace or business safer by quickly restricting areas or blocking aisles.

Depending on your needs, the rolling stanchion is available in Single Unit and Dual Unit options. The fully customizable Single Unit offers up to 12 feet of coverage, while the custom Dual Unit has a wingspan of up to 24 feet. These products provide a significant ROI given that ZonePro® banners can be replaced as needed depending on communication needs or branding — making them a better option than traditional stand banners and advertising banners. 

Our range also includes an industrial-focused Safety Banner with durable orange or blue mesh fabric emblazoned with “Area Temporarily Closed” in English and Spanish. The Single Unit safety banner extends up to 14 feet, while the Dual Unit allows up to 28 feet of coverage. When the barrier is no longer needed, simply retract the banner and wheel it away. These are an ideal replacement for retractable belt barriers. 

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