Queuing Strategies For College Orientation

It’s almost that time of year again, those last few weeks of summer when hordes of freshmen converge on college campuses across America for orientation. Which means lots and lots of lining up. Expect queues for checking in, buying books and dormitory tours. Under normal circumstances, that’s a logistical challenge. Now, it’s even harder. While life is slowly returning to normal, social distancing protocols are still advisable given that people are more reluctant than ever to be squeezed together in confined spaces.

Expect the situation to be further exacerbated by the fact that many sophomore students will also be on campus for the first time after a semester of remote study. A smooth, enjoyable orientation week will require expert foot traffic management and an inventive communications strategy. And that’s where ZonePro® comes in. Our barriers, which are fixed or portable depending on your needs, simultaneously tame long lines and deliver fully customizable messaging capabilities.

Our signature product, the rolling stanchion, houses two ZonePro® barriers with a combined wingspan of 24 feet. We also have single units available in three different sizes (8, 10 and 12 feet), allowing you to divide spaces in endless configurations. Most importantly, graphics can be printed on both sides of the barrier. Imagine your school colors, emblem or mascot taking pride of place on a barrier. There are also practical applications. Instead of complicated maps or signage, students will now be able to follow visual cues at eye level.

Think about the advantages of our patent protected ZonePro® products for enrollment. Barriers could be printed with different letter groupings — such as “A to K” and “L to Z” — or perhaps even with a welcome message. Customized barriers could also be used to welcome students to dorms and auditoriums. Not only that, but ZonePro® units can incorporate QR codes, which are an essential marketing tool in the post-pandemic era.

Instead of handing out brochures, schedules or maps, students (and their parents) can simply access whatever they need on a smartphone. This is not only best practice from a safety standpoint, but also environmentally friendly and appealing to tech-savvy millennials. And for those queuing needs that don’t require customization — temporary lines for books, supplies and merchandise — can be taken care of with one of our all-purpose solid white barriers.

Learn more about our innovative, patent-protected product by visiting www.zonepro.com.