The Case for QR Codes in a Post-Pandemic World

QR codes made a huge comeback during the COVID-19 pandemic. With consumers looking to reduce contact with any and all surfaces as a health precaution, businesses used QR codes — essentially a two-dimensional barcode — as a means of conveying information. Restaurants embraced them as an alternative to physical menus, while corporate America discovered their utility for everything from schedules to meeting notes. 

First introduced to consumers in 2010, the initial reception to QR codes was somewhat underwhelming. At the time, slow internet speeds and the dawn of app technology made them unreliable and not particularly user-friendly. Cell coverage and smartphone technology have progressed significantly in the last decade, allowing businesses to finally reap the full benefits of QR codes.

With life slowing returning to normal, QR codes still have a significant role to play. Not only are they safe, practical and cost effective, but their utility is limitless. In addition to directing consumers or event attendees to online menus and schedules, QR codes can be used for everything from cashless payment to enrollment in seminars, courses and live events. They also bring customers directly to your website, which raises the possibility of cross-selling.

That leads us to an important question: Where should you put your QR code for the best marketing result? There is only so much real estate available for posters, while handing out leaflets or brochures defeats the purpose. ZonePro® offers a solution. Our custom retractable banners, which are fixed or portable depending on your needs, simultaneously manage foot traffic and deliver fully customizable branding capabilities — including space for QR codes. This makes them a great alternative to traditional stand banners and retractable belt barriers. 

Our signature product, the rolling stanchion, houses two ZonePro® barriers with a combined wingspan of 24 feet. Graphics can be printed on both sides, meaning that a formerly functional product now provides a previously untapped marketing opportunity. This dual function is key. ZonePro® allows you to direct traffic, cordon off areas and communicate with your guests in a safe and convenient manner.

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