The Role of Safety Barriers in Robotics-Driven Industries

In an age where robotics are increasingly important to manufacturing, taking steps to protect workers from heavy machinery is crucial. ZonePro® safety banners offer an effective solution to this very modern challenge, effortlessly cordoning off hazardous areas and communicating potential dangers via customizable fabric banners that can share highly visible messaging and graphics.  

Every factory or facility presents its own unique challenges, which demands a degree of customization that only ZonePro® provides. For example, safety barriers can be color-coded to meet OSHA requirements (red, orange, and yellow are popular) and printed with industry-specific messaging such as “Robotics Operation Zone,” “Machinery In Use” or “Automated Traffic Ahead.”

With complex factory floors, ease of use and an array of attachment mechanisms is key. This is where ZonePro® comes into its own. We offer fixed and portable units that attach to any standard racking as well as wide-aisle and rolling options that can be affixed to easy-to-use attachment stands. Our ergonomic design also ensures that safety barriers can be moved with minimum exertion. 

Ordering and customizing a ZonePro® safety barrier is similarly straightforward. Simply head to our website, choose the type of barrier that best suits your facility. Then decide between our standard blue and orange mesh banners or upload a customized design. If you need assistance, our skilled graphic designer can help create a banner that addresses a specific hazard or draws attention to a dangerous environment.

Safety barriers not only keep employees safe, but they can also improve productivity. A safe workplace is a productive one, free from accidents or equipment damage. By preventing these mishaps, ZonePro® barriers keep operations on track. We're here to help you navigate this new era of manufacturing. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.