The ZonePro® Difference: Durable, Waterproof Fabric

What is the ZonePro® difference? It’s the care, planning and expertise that goes into every facet of the product, from the patented engineering to the stylish canister. We’re particularly proud of the fabric, which comes in fully customizable vinyl and flexible open mesh. The former unlocks a branding opportunity, while the latter boasts the durability needed for warehouse and industrial uses.

If marketing is a priority, opt for a fixed or portable unit with long-lasting, waterproof vinyl. The UV-protected vinyl, which is reinforced to enable the product to extend up to 12 feet without sagging or rippling, is fully customizable on both sides with full-color graphics. This allows you to display your logo, share messaging with customers — we can even include QR codes — and advertise sales. Simply upload your design via our website.

In a warehouse or industrial setting, however, visibility is key. All ZonePro® safety barriers use blue or orange mesh with clearly displayed, dual-sided safety messaging (“Area Temporarily Closed”) in English and Spanish. The fabric, which has a full wingspan of 14 feet, is pliable, durable, and waterproof. The unit is not only high-impact, but also opens and retracts effortlessly thanks to patented technology.

ZonePro® safety barriers are available in different forms. The dual-canister Rolling Stanchion can be quickly rolled to a location, while the single-canister model attaches to any standard rack system or wall, effortlessly blocking an aisle. With a compact, 4-inch diameter, the canister does not impact foot traffic when retracted. We also offer a Portable Unit with the same functionality that sits on a rack when needed and is easily stored when not.

Find the option that best suits your needs by visiting our website or contacting one of our helpful staff members today.