Our series of blog posts about the ZonePro® difference began by highlighting our fabric, which comes in fully customizable vinyl and durable mesh. Next up is the ease with which the unit opens and retracts into a sleek aluminum canister with a compact, 4-inch diameter. After all, it’s the care, planning and detail that goes into every facet of the product that distinguishes us from other manufacturers.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish foot traffic management tool in a retail or event environment, or need a highly visible safety barrier for industrial use, every ZonePro® model boasts a retractable banner. Once your fixed or portable unit is attached, the banner can be seamlessly extended via a handle that hooks into racking, an attachment stand, or eyelet. To retract, unhook the banner and watch it slide back into the canister.

If the versatility of a rolling stanchion—with its ability to be deployed without racking—aligns more closely with your business goals, retractability remains a breeze. These products can extended with ease once the stanchion has been positioned. The dual unit offers up to 28 feet of coverage, while the single unit boasts a 12-foot banner. Retracting the banner of a rolling stanchion unit is as simple as unhooking it.

Our patented product design ensures that banners stay in pristine condition, while they open and close with ease, efficiency and speed. As a result, ZonePro® units can be used by staff with minimal training and supervision. Given its compact size, the canister does not infringe foot traffic if it remains in place. Moreover, the stylish aluminum allows it to blend into most environments.

Find the option that best suits your needs by visiting our website or contacting one of our helpful staff members today.