Treat Your Four-Legged Friend to a Customized Pet Enclosure

One of the most exciting aspects of ZonePro® is discovering new uses for our products. Customers have purchased our fully customizable barriers to block aisles in warehouses, implement social distancing protocols, display QR codes for menus and direct foot traffic at events. We designed our range with these situations in mind, but our customers have unlocked yet another application by using their ZonePro® barriers as personalized pet enclosures.

How does that work exactly? Well, our barriers have near limitless utility as space dividers. Fixed or fully portable depending on your needs, our products are perfect for blocking off a corner of the garden for your four-legged friend. They can also be used as a temporary yet sturdy gate for a room or living area. With more and more indoor pets, ZonePro® allows you to keep dirty paws away from carpets, rugs and other furnishings.

The space can be as large or small as you like. Our signature product, the rolling stanchion, houses two ZonePro® barriers with a combined wingspan of 24 feet. We also have single units available in three different sizes (8, 10 and 12 feet), allowing you to set up your pet enclosure in endless configurations. That’s enough to get any pet parent’s attention, but we haven’t even come to the best part.

Graphics can be printed on both sides, meaning that a functional product now provides a unique design opportunity. Need something sleek and modern for the home? Our all-purpose solid white banners are the perfect choice. Looking for something a little more fun that shows the world exactly how much you love your best friend? You can have a photo (or photos) of your beloved pet printed directly on the banner.

This process is as easy as taking a photo on your smartphone and uploading the file to our website. And if you need a little assistance, or want to incorporate a more complicated pattern, we have a designer on staff who can make the process painless. Given how much we love our pets, this unplanned yet utterly wonderful use of ZonePro® products is one of our favorite discoveries yet.