ZonePro® offers Safety Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

The peerless versatility of ZonePro® safety barriers help a diverse array of industries meet safety needs. The oil and gas industry is just one of the early adopters of our units. The reason is simple. With highly visible, customizable safety messaging — and fixed, portable, rolling, and wide-aisle options — ZonePro® has a solution for every safety need, no matter how specialized. 

Initially designed for warehouse and retail use, the ZonePro®’s peerless versatility was soon discovered by manufacturers that use heavy machinery and hazardous materials. Our units can be used to cordon off on-site hazards, restrict access to areas, and alert employees to potential dangers, making them an ideal replacement for retractable belt barriers. Our standard safety banners come in durable orange or blue mesh fabric printed with “Area Temporarily Closed” in English and Spanish.

If your needs are more specific, as they tend to be in both onshore and offshore oil and gas refineries, we also offer custom retractable banners. This could involve selecting a particular color according to OSHA guidelines. Alternatively, you might want to use your own color scheme or messaging such as “High Pressure Test In Progress,” “Danger,” “Authorized Employees Only,” “Chemical Spill,” and “Keep Exits Clear.”

It’s then up to you to decide if a rolling stanchion — our Single Unit extends up to 14 feet, while the Dual Unit allows up to 28 feet of coverage — or fixed or lightweight portable option is more suitable. The former can simply be rolled to where they are needed and effortlessly set up with an attachment stand, while the latter attach to any standard form of racking and can simply be left in place until needed.

With a skilled graphic designer on staff, we can help with designing the most appropriate safety barrier for your business. You can also upload your own design, logo or branding via our website and order a fully customized banner  online. For help choosing the best approach for your business, simply contact our helpful sales staff. Make your oil and gas facility safer by visiting today.