social distancing crowd control BANNER

Create safe, elegant and beautifully designed queuing spaces with ready to ship graphics in yellow or blue. Staying six feet apart was never so easy, fun and aesthetically enhancing to your space.

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ERGONOMIC MOBILE DESIGN | This dual canister unit can be easily rolled to any location and instantly deployed for safe crowd control configurations.

READY-TO-SHIP SOCIAL DISTANCING CROWD CONTROL GRAPHICS | A quick and easy way to keep your employees and customers safe using bold, high-impact graphics. Available in brilliant blue or bright orange, units are in stock and ready to ship on demand.

MAXIMUM GRAPHIC IMPACT | With a 24 foot, double-sided footprint, the ZonePro™ social distancing banner delivers an unprecedented 48 feet of full color graphics. That equals over 72 square feet of useable messaging space.

FLEXIBLE BANNER MATERIAL | Printed on a high-quality Vinyl Laminate, this retractable banner is durable, waterproof, and fully flexible. 

FREE-STANDING ATTACHMENT AVAILABLE | If no available connection area exists in your location, no problem. Simply add one or two of our ZonePro ™ Attachment Stands to your order. Stands are designed to nest directly onto the unit for storage.

The ZonePro™ banners do not do well outdoors, as wind and weather can easily make the fabric banner a sail, potentially causing tipping and damage to the product.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS | 18" X 43" (retracted)

Bold graphics on the front and back of both banners

Dual canister unit expands to block a 24 foot area

Ergonomic mobile design makes transport effortless

Long-lasting, flexible, waterproof banner material

Heavy-duty hook connects instantly to any stable area

Banners swivel to a 90 degree angle in either direction

Excellent alternative to a traditional stanchion banner

The ZonePro™ Dual Unit Rolling Stanchion 

Social Distancing Banner.