Keep your customers safe with our durable, flexible mesh fabric banner that has black safety messaging in English and Spanish stating that the aisle temporarily closed.

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Orange Unit - 14 FOOT BANNERBlue Unit - 14 FOOT BANNER

PERMANENT MOUNT SYSTEM  | The ZonePro Fixed Safety Banner stays permanently in place and attaches to any standard racking system or wall providing convenient access.


UP TO 14 FEET OF COVERAGE | Retractable banner extends up to 14 feet creating a substantial barricade for foot traffic.


BOLD SAFETY MESSAGING ON BLUE AND ORANGE MESH  | Both the Blue Open Mesh or Orange Open Mesh units include dual-sided messaging displaying “Area Temporarily Closed” printed in both English and Spanish.


FLEXIBLE BANNER MATERIAL | The Open Mesh banner material is reinforced, waterproof, and fully flexible. 


MOUNTING KIT INCLUDED | Each ZonePro Fixed Safety Banner ships with a mounting kit included.


FREE-STANDING ATTACHMENT AVAILABLE | If no available connection area exists in your location, no problem. Simply add one of our ZonePro Attachment Stands to your order. PLEASE NOTE: The Attachment Stand can only operate effectively when the fabric is extended to 12 feet or less.


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS | 4" X 42" (retracted)

Double-sided banner displays "Aisle Temporarily Closed" messaging in both English and Spanish

Banner expands to block up to a 14 foot area

Break-away bracket protects unit from impact damage

Long-lasting, flexible, waterproof banner material used

Heavy-duty hook connects instantly to any stable area

Banner swivels to a 90 degree angle in either direction

Excellent alternative to other gates or banner

Switch out your banner panel art in a matter of minutes

The ZonePro Fixed Unit Safety Banner. Extends up to 14 feet instantly.