Make Your School Safer With ZonePro®

New industries and organizations discover ZonePro® barriers every day. From oil & gas conglomerates to doggie daycares and transportation hubs, our products are being used in ways we never imagined. One of the most exciting new applications to emerge in 2022 is school safety and messaging. ZonePro® units are being used to demarcate pick-up and drop-off areas, manage busy entrances and exits, and to communicate with students. 

School drop-off and pick-up points, as well as bus zones, can be tricky to navigate, resulting in severe safety hazards. ZonePro® retractable banners address this issue by clearly defining the area and creating a physical barrier between children and passing traffic. Given that our units are fully customizable, messaging options are endless. Banners can be printed with a school logo or colors, and share messaging such as “Student Drop-Off Point” and “Buses Only" — making them an ideal replacement for traditional advertising or stand banners. 

Not only are ZonePro® barriers visually striking, but they are also incredibly easy to move around and setup. Our Rolling Stanchion was custom designed to be wheeled to where it is needed and deployed instantly with minimal physical exertion. The key is its ergonomic design. Each unit boasts sturdy wheels and an aerodynamic handle, which means that the barrier can be easily moved around from location to location.

This means a barrier can be stored in a janitorial closet, for example, and simply wheeled out when needed. Depending on your space, the rolling stanchion is available in Single Unit and Dual Unit options. The Single Unit offers up to 12 feet of coverage, while the Dual Unit has a wingspan of up to 24 feet. These products provide a significant ROI given that banners can be replaced or swapped out as often as necessary.

In addition to pick-up and drop-off areas, many schools place our products at entrances and exits to encourage orderly lining up and communicate with students. We have printed banners with notifications about school events, schedules, and team spirit. Make your school a brighter, safer place by contacting us today.