How ZonePro® Barriers Make Facilities With Moving Machinery Safer

Moving machinery such as forklifts, vehicles, and lifts — as well as technological advancements such as robotics and automated processes — are fundamental to the success of modern warehouses and facilities. However, they also pose significant hazards. One way of minimizing accidents and promoting OSHA compliance is the implementation of ZonePro® safety barriers, which come in both rolling and mounted formats.

Safety barriers play a crucial role in warehouse management. They restrict access to hazardous areas such as restocking or loading zones, ensuring the wellbeing of employees, and improving the flow of foot traffic. For general safety needs, ZonePro® offers pre-printed orange and blue mesh banners, which prominently display "Area Temporary Closed" in both English and Spanish. These are ideal, for example, if an aisle has to be closed for a forklift.

However, if specificity is essential, ZonePro® offers fully customizable safety barriers. This allows for compliance with OSHA recommendations about colors and messaging. For instance, the use of red signifies danger, yellow implores caution, and orange aligns with dangerous machinery. The banners can feature messages such as "Caution Do Not Enter," "Lockout Tagout," and "Danger Forklift Traffic," providing clear communication tailored to the risks present.

Given the broad spectrum of warehouse and plant layouts, ZonePro® offers a diverse range of products. The ZonePro® single mobile stanchion can simply be rolled where needed and deployed in minutes. The single unit covers up to 14 feet, while the ZonePro® double mobile stanchion spans up to 28 feet, making it ideal for wide aisles or cordoning off large machinery. Additionally, mounted units serve as a permanent solution.

Housed in a sturdy 4" aluminum canister, the ZonePro® mounted barrier provides up to 14 feet of coverage. This unit can be effortlessly attached to any standard racking system, offering a lasting and space-efficient solution. Boasting breakaway brackets that minimize damage from impact or collisions with moving machinery, these barriers can be left in place when not in use. In the case of damage, the brackets can be easily — and cheaply — replaced.

ZonePro® safety barriers are a comprehensive solution for warehouses and facilities with moving machinery. The customization options, versatile product range, and efficiency in accident prevention make them an invaluable asset in promoting safety and productivity. Contact ZonePro® today to find out how we can make your business warehouse or facility safer.