Enhancing Chemical Safety in Manufacturing with ZonePro® Barriers

Safety is paramount in the manufacturing industry — particularly in facilities or warehouses that handle dangerous chemicals. These products are essential to most industrial settings, but can pose significant risks. This is where ZonePro® comes in. Economical and effective, our fully customizable safety barriers play a key role in any risk management strategy. Our barriers not only encourage OSHA compliance, but also provide tailored solutions to enhance safety.

OSHA guidelines recommend the use of specific colors to communicate different risks, and ZonePro®'s barriers can be customized to align with these recommendations. The main colors — red, yellow, and orange — serve as visual cues to employees, helping them identify potential hazards and act accordingly. Red, for example, represents danger and is strategically used for items associated with fire and emergency situations.

In facilities dealing with chemicals, it could indicate the presence of fire-related equipment like extinguishers, alarms, and hoses. Yellow, on the other hand, signals caution and is often associated with spills. In facilities where chemical spills could have lethal consequences, yellow barriers can demarcate zones requiring extra care. This might include areas where chemicals are stored or handled, acting as a visual reminder for employees to wear protective gear.

Orange, which highlights potential dangers, is invaluable in facilities with machinery that poses crush or trapping hazards — devices often used in conjunction with manufacture or use of chemicals. By using orange barriers, manufacturers can clearly mark areas where such machinery is in operation, ensuring that employees are aware of the potential dangers and take appropriate precautions.

What sets ZonePro® apart is its commitment to customization. In facilities that use chemicals, having the ability to tailor safety barriers is a game-changer. ZonePro®'s rolling, mounted, and wide-aisle barriers can be fully customized to adhere to OSHA-prescribed colors and incorporate industry-specific messaging. This ranges from simple warnings like "Danger" to more specific instructions such as "Chemical Waste Storage Area."

This allows facilities to communicate precise information to employees, ensuring that everyone is aware of risks and safety requirements in real time. Messaging or graphics can be easily uploaded to our website or one of our skilled graphic designers can assist in formatting banners to meet your individual needs. For those with more generic safety needs, ZonePro® offers pre-stocked standard safety barriers with dual-sided safety messaging in English and Spanish.

Most accidents can be avoided by investing in the right safety barrier. Contact us today to see how ZonePro® can make your workplace safer.