How To Improve Safety With OSHA Compliant Barriers

Economical and effective, Safety barriers are an essential risk management tool for any warehouse, factory, or manufacturing facility. They not only minimize accidents by restricting access to hazardous areas, but can also signal specific dangers to employees via color and messaging. At ZonePro®, we offer game-changing safety barriers that can be fully customized to the specific needs of your industry.

Did you know, for example, that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends using certain colors — the main ones being red, yellow, and orange — for different risks? According to OSHA guidelines, red represents danger and signals the need to halt. Items associated with fire (extinguishers, alarms, hoses etc.) are usually red as are emergency signs and buttons. Red is also used to prohibit actions (“No Entry” and “Do Not Touch” are common) and show a safety requirement such as the need to wear protective gear.

Yellow, on the other hand, calls for caution and is often used around tripping hazards or spills. For example, yellow signs are often placed near wet floors. Yellow can also be used to signal the storage of potentially harmful chemicals and remind team members to wear protective gear such as goggles. Similarly, orange highlights potential dangers. Machines with parts that can trap or crush are frequently marked with orange. The color is also used to delineate areas that pose a fall hazard.

At ZonePro®, our fixedmobile, and wide-aisle barriers can be fully customized to meet an OSHA prescribed color and to incorporate messaging applicable to your industry. To date, our customers have opted for wording such as “High Pressure Test In Progress,” “Danger,” “Welding In Progress,” and “Keep Exits Clear.” With a skilled graphic designer on staff, we can assist you with formatting your banner or you can simply upload your own via our website.

If your needs are more generic, ZonePro® also makes pre-stocked standard safety barriers in blue or OSHA compliant orange mesh with clearly displayed, dual-sided safety messaging (“Area Temporarily Closed”) in English and Spanish. This bold, pliable material is unmissable in any warehouse or industrial setting. With the right safety barrier, most accidents can be avoided. Contact us today to see how ZonePro® can make your workplace safer.