How to Reduce Construction Risks With ZonePro® Safety Barriers

Indoor construction projects can be stressful without having adequate risk management strategies in place. While work boots and hard hats protect employees in the case of most accidents, safety barriers can prevent them from happening in the first place. They do this by restricting access to work sites and cordoning off dangerous machinery. ZonePro® barriers then go a step further — alerting passers-by to potential risks via fully customizable retractable banners.  

Every construction job, from a fresh coat of paint to complex renovations, presents its own special challenges, which demands a degree of customization that only ZonePro® provides. For starters, safety barriers can be color-coded to meet OSHA requirements and printed with construction-specific messaging such as “Hard Hat Area,” “Machinery In Use,” “Caution,” and “Authorized Employees Only.”

If your needs are more generic, one of our standard safety banners is a suitable option. They come with durable orange or blue mesh fabric banners printed with “Area Temporarily Closed” in English and Spanish. Another variable to consider is the location of the project. If it’s taking place in a warehouse or somewhere with shelving, the ZonePro® fixed unit attaches to any standard racking and can simply be left in place until it is no longer needed.

On the other hand, most indoor construction occurs in larger areas without racking — making a rolling stanchion the perfect choice. ZonePro®’s Single Unit extends up to 14 feet, while the Dual Unit allows up to 28 feet of coverage. These products can simply be rolled to where they are needed and effortlessly extended to an attachment stand. Our ergonomic, lightweight design ensures that rolling stanchions can be moved with minimum exertion. 

Ordering and customizing a ZonePro® unit is incredibly straightforward. Simply head to our website, choose the type of barrier that best suits your needs. Then decide between our standard blue and orange mesh banners or upload a customized design. If you need assistance, our skilled graphic designer can help create a banner that addresses a specific hazard or draws attention to a dangerous environment.

By preventing accidents from happening during construction projects, ZonePro® safety barriers protect employees and customers, while minimizing potential medical and insurance costs. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.