How to Reduce Shrink and Unlock an Advertising Opportunity

In addition to being an effective loss prevention tool, ZonePro® advertising banners also unlock a new advertising opportunity for retailers. Our units funnel customers into designated checkout areas. Once there, businesses can communicate with shoppers — often at the point of sale — via fully customizable dual-sided banners that can be used to display store branding, alert shoppers to sales or shares QR codes.  

With self-checkouts and reduced staff numbers becoming more prevalent in retail, effective front-of-store management has never been more essential. Assigning staff or security guards to monitor entrances and exits is expensive and potentially unpleasant for customers. A better solution is ZonePro® safety barriers, which have been designed to restrict access and manage foot traffic in an efficient and visually pleasing manner — unlike more traditional options like retractable belt barriers. 

Our units can be used in a number of ways. Safety barriers effortlessly funnel customers into designated spaces such as self-checkouts. They can also be set up to block unmanned registers or aisles, reducing the risk of shoplifters exiting the premises via an alternate route. Not only that, but ZonePro® safety barriers also offer a unique chance to share messaging with a captivate audience as they wait to pay.

Each safety barrier offers 14 x 3 feet of dual-sided advertising real estate. This enables retailers to customize our high-quality vinyl banners with branding or store colors. Another option is sharing deals or specials with customers, or perhaps alerting them to a new product. You can even include a QR code, which links to a website or landing page. Moreover, banners can be easily swapped out as often as needed, increasing ROI over time.

At ZonePro®, we sell fixed, mobile, and wide-aisle products suited for every front of store layout or scenario. The dual canister Rolling Stanchion Safety Barrier has a wingspan of up to 28 feet and can be quickly rolled to any location. Alternatively, the Single Unit Rolling Stanchion, which provides up to 14-feet of coverage, is perfect for smaller spaces. ZonePro® also offers a permanent Fixed Unit and a Portable Unit Safety Barrier, which attach to any standard racking.

Find out how you can reduce losses and potentially increase revenue with a new advertising opportunity by contacting ZonePro® today.