Retractable & Customizable: The Benefits of ZonePro® Safety Barriers

With patented technology and custom engineered design, ZonePro® safety barriers are making warehouse and plant management easier than ever before. What’s our secret? Ease of use, versatility, and durability. The wide-ranging benefits of the ZonePro® barriers include ergonomic handles, sturdy wheels, effortlessly retractable banners, diverse fabric options, customization capabilities, and multiple hooking options. 

Let’s start with mobility. Moving safety banners around a warehouse, factory or manufacturing plant can be time consuming and labor intensive. Our rolling units are designed to make these concerns a thing of the past. The ZonePro® Rolling Stanchion can simply be wheeled to where it is needed and deployed instantly — all with minimal physical exertion — due to its ergonomic handle and heavy-duty wheels. This makes it an ideal replacement for stand banners or crowd control stanchions. 

That attention to detail is also reflected in the fully retractable banner. For rolling units, which are available in single and wide-aisle formats, retracting a banner is as simple as unhooking it from the attachment stand. For fixed and portable options, banners can be seamlessly extended via a handle (see options here) that hooks into any standard racking or eyelet. To retract, unhook the banner and watch it slide straight back into the canister.

ZonePro®’s unparalleled craftsmanship extends to the custom-engineered fabric, which comes in fully customizable vinyl and flexible mesh. In an industrial setting, visibility is key. All standard safety barriers have blue or orange mesh banners with clearly displayed safety messaging (“Area Temporarily Closed”) in English and Spanish. The fabric, which has a full wingspan of up to 14 feet, is pliable, durable, and waterproof.

Additionally, we offer fully customizable barriers printed on long-lasting, waterproof vinyl. These banners can be color-matched depending on OSHA requirements and printed with messaging such as “Heavy Machinery In Use,” “Hazard Ahead,” and “Do Not Enter.” If branding is a priority, full-color graphics including logos and QR codes can be added to banners. We even have a skilled graphic designer on staff to help make your vision a reality.

Find out how ZonePro® can make your warehouse safer than ever by visiting our website or calling one of our helpful customer service specialists.